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NOTE: You will receive an official national American Legion membership card in the mail. Your Post 42 electronic account holds your Post 42 membership card which provides you with discounts in the Club Room, shows events you have participated in and provides you with SAL only opportunities. Your local Post 42 membership card number is different than your National American Legion membership number. The Post 42 membership card is only valid on premises at the Evanston American Legion Post 42.

Your membership card expiration date will coincide with the Legion year that ends June 30th. Your Post 42 card may temporarily have another date until your membership is fully processed. Once processing is complete your Post 42 membership card will reflect the correct June 30th expiration date.

IMPORTANT MARKETING NOTE: By clicking the "opt-in to receive merketing material..." box below you will only be opting in to receive updates from the Evanston American Legion Post 42. At no time will your information be shared outside of the Evanston American Legion Post 42.

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  • By registering you agree to the terms and conditions set forth by Evanston American Legion Post 42. This membership is assigned to the person stated on the front of the card and is non-transferable. We reserve the right to revoke this membership if its privileges.

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