Setup a Member Directory so Members Can Find Members by Interest or Other Topics to Connect

You can setup a member directory to allow other members to engage with each other by interests or other topics.

There are a few simple steps to getting this setup:

  1. Enable the Membership Directory on the Membership Program
  2. Setup the Member Attributes
  3. Link to the Member Portal
  4. Member Privacy

Enable the Membership Directory on the Membership Program

If you're ready to launch the member directory, you can simpljy enable this by checking the Enable a member directory for members to interact when creating or editing a membership program.

You can find this option located under the Options section.

Please note that members can see members in the same category.  When you setup your membership program, you have the ability to assign a category to the program.  Only members within the same category hierarchy (either same level or parent level are the same) can see each other.  In essence, leverage categories to prevent other members from seeing your staff membership or VIP's.  You can also update the customer profile to hide a member from the directory.

Setup the Membership Attributes

In order to enable members to create robust profiles, you can setup a variety of member attributes such as Topics of Interest, Favorite X, Industry, etc.  Once a member builds their profile, you and other members will be able to filter members based on their preferences.  

Under the company menu, you 'll find Attributes under Tagging.  Click on Setup New Attribute (or manage existing ones to see what exists).

Make sure you set the usage for the Member Directory

Set the type of attribute it is, where checkbox and radio allow you to select multiple options

You can assign an attribute to a specific category in order to have different profiles based on the type of membership.

When you set the attribute as searchable, then members (and your team) can filter members based on this attribute.

Lastly, if you want to retain the value and not make it easy for someone to change, simply uncheck the Allow item owner to edit this attribute.

Link to Member Portal

Now that you setup the attributes and enabled the member directory, here are some links you can leverage:

  • /account/member/directory is a link directly to the directory
  • /account/member/profile is a link to edit thier member profile
  • /account/edit is a link to edit their CRM profile but also opt out of the member directory

Member Privacy

Keeping certain membership information private is important, so we wanted you to know a few things:

  • There is a member profile and a CRM profile.  Member profiles are visible to other members (based on the category rules above).  CRM profiles and CRM related data are PRIVATE, it can only be seen by your staff.  
  • Members can opt out of the member portal by editing their customer profile at /account/edit.  You can also opt them out by editing their CRM profile in the control panel.

    Look for the Keep Private flag to hide the member profile from being seen by other members.

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Setup a Member Directory so Members Can Find Members by Interest or Other Topics to Connect

You can setup a member directory to allow other members to engage with each other by interests or other topics.

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